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Thursday, 05 June 2008 22:05
PEZCOLOMBIA LTDA. Is a company dedicated to export of tropical fish from all regions of our country. Colombia is recognized as one of the main countries of South America with a wide variety of exotic tropical fish.

We are a company recognize our commitment, compliance, quality and excellent customer service, with a group of highly qualified professionals ensure the necessary technical advice and updated in all our processes.

WITH PEZCOLOMBIA you'll have the community and personalized services 24 hours a day provide as much information as possible before and after their computers, getting the confidence you need in your business.

Our main objective is to offer a high quality in our products, oriented excellence in the development and preservation of our sins, generate benefits in using our natural resources. Carefully select our suppliers insurer especially in the Quality and Health in fish.

IN PEZCOLOMBIA work hard every day so you can find a varied all species thanks to the constant search for new sins which creates for your company recognizes and HIGH credibility with each of its customers.
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